Coventry Cherry Shuffleboard Table

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SKU: Coventry
  • Solid hardwood furniture cradle       
  • Cherry Finish     
  • Cradle features unified horsecollar ends          
  • Stained, hardwood applique detailing on the cradle and leg panels     
  • Includes climatic adjusters
  • 9' and 12' have two legs and 14' and 16' have 3 legs    
  • Traditional indoor scoring method with outlined block numbers; 1-2-3 scoring on the 9' and 12' and 1-2-3-4 on the 14' and 16'         
  • 1 3/4" thick solid hardwood butcher-block playfield           
  • Playfield finished with multiple coats of sprayed polyurethane r to create a smooth, satin finish           
  • Carpeted walls and gutters           
  • Authentic abacus scorers 
  • Hardwood board sweep         
  • Includes a set of Playcraft deluxe, 2 1/8" weights (4 red - 4 blue) and a can of speed wax
 Optional Accessory Kit includes;
    • Black PU leather cover
    • Set of 10 solid hardwood bowling pins and score pad
    • Hardwood board sweep

Warranty: 1 Year

Assembled dimensions: 


Outside Dimensions: 108" x 24 x 31"
Playfield Dimensions: 98" x 15"
Total Weight : 212


Outside Dimensions: 144" x 24 x 31"
Playfield Dimensions: 132" x 15"
Total Weight : 265


Outside Dimensions : 168" x 25 x 31"
Playfield dimensions: 156" x 15"
Total weight : 295 lbs
Outside Dimensions : 192" x 25 x 31"
Playfield dimensions: 180" x 15"
Total weight : 340 lbs
Shipping Dimensions and Weights:
Carton 1: 113" x 28" x 8" and 238 lbs
Pallet: 120" x 30 x 5"" and 75 lbs
Carton 1: 149" x 28" x 8" and 297 lbs
Pallet: 156" x 30" x 5" and 95 lbs
Carton 1: 174" x 28" x 8" and 341 lbs
Pallet:  180" x 30" x 5" and 110 lbs
Carton 1: 197" x 28" x 8" and 388 lbs
Pallet: 204" x 30" x 5" and 145 lbs


Playcraft Home Recreation Shuffleboards

Playcraft home recreation series shuffleboard tables are warranted for 1 year against defects in materials and manufacturing. This warranty is subject to the following limitations;

  1. Original Purchaser – This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.
  2. Location – This warranty applies to shuffleboard tables located in residential settings only. Home recreation tables placed in insitutional/commercial locations are not covered under warranty. 
  3. Components Covered – Cradle, playfield, legs, decorative hardware and weights. Items specifically excluded from this warranty are carpeting and speed wax.
  4. Assembly – All damaged or defective parts must be identified prior to proceeding with the assembly process. Do not assemble the table if damaged or defective parts are identified. 
  5. Moving – Moving the table can cause injury and damage the table. Parts damaged due to moving the table are not covered by the warranty.
  6. Wear and Tear – Conditions deemed by us to have occurred during use, expected due to age or caused by acts of nature, are not covered by this warranty
  7. Leveling – Once a shuffelboard table cradle and playfield are leveled they may settle over time and become unlevel. A table or playfield that must be releveled is not defective. Leveling is considered part of the maintenance of the shuffleboard table and is not covered under warranty
  8. Processing a Claim – In the event a defect in materials or manufacturing is suspected, stop the assembly process and immediately notify the retailer where purchased or GMInc. through the support website. Clear and detailed images along with a description of the damage or defect will be required to initiate the warranty claim. A determination will be made if damaged or defective parts need to be returned for further inspection to validate the claim.
  9. Associated Costs – The warranty does not cover any associated costs including but not limited to loss of use, shipping costs or labor.
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30.00 (in)
120.00 (in)

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