Columbia River Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table


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The Columbia River shuffleboards are part of the Fairfield Collection of game tables by Playcraft. The Columbia’s reverse arch legs with chamfered base and hand finishing is inspired by classic architectural design and craftsmanship. With the timeless Chestnut finish the Columbia will be an impressive addition to your game room.  More than just beautiful furniture, the high quality materials and construction will ensure many years of high quality shuffleboard with family and friends. The shuffleboard playfield logo style and/or position may vary.


  • Select hardwood construction
  • Hand rubbed Chestnut finish
  • Two piece cradle
  • Reverse arch legs with chamfered base and stretcher beam combine classic architectural styling and superior bilateral strength
  • Solid 3” thick 20” wide Canada Maple butcher block with pour polymer top
  • Traditional 1-2-3 scoring pattern
  • Carpeted gutters and walls
  • Pro-style heavy duty climatic adjusters
  • Premium Set of 2 5/16” weights; 4 blue & 4 red
  • Color matched hardwood board sweeps
  • Playcraft medium speed wax

 Assembled Dimensions and weight:

12’- 145” L x 33” W x 32” H / 575 lbs

14’- 169” L x 33” W x 32” H / 675 lbs

16’- 193” L x 33” W x 32” H / 790 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

12 Foot:
Pallet 1: 156"L x 38"W x 5"H Weight 140 LBS
Box 1: 145"L x 36"W x 11"H Weight 254 LBS
Box 2: 24"L x 15"W x 7"H Weight 24 LBS
Box 3: 19"L x 9"W x 6"H Weight 18 LBS
Pallet 2: 140"L x 30"W x 5"H Weight 130 LBS
Box 1: 131"L x 23"W x 5"H Weight 265 LBS
14 Foot:
Pallet 1: 98"L x 38"W x 5"H Weight 140 LBS
Box 1: 92"L x 36"W x 15"H Weight 359 LBS
Box 2: 29"L x 26"W x 6"H Weight 22 LBS
Box 3: 19"L x 9"W x 6"H Weight 18 LB
Pallet 161"L x 30"W x 5"H Weight 140 LBS
Box 1: 155"L x 22"W x 5"H Weight 300 LBS
 16 Foot:
Pallet 1: 110"L x 38"W x 5"H Weight 75 LBS
Box 1: 103"L x 39"W x 15"H Weight 410 LBS
Box 2: 29"L x 26"W x 6"H Weight 22 LBS
Box 3: 26"L x 16"W x 18"H Weight 71 LB
Box 4: 19"L x 9"W x 6"H Weight 18 LBS
Pallet 2: 186"L x 30"W x 5"H Weight 150 LBS
Box 1: 180"L x 23"W x 5"H Weight 377 LBS



Playcraft Pro-Series Shuffleboards

Playcraft Pro-series shuffleboard tables are warranted for 1 year against defects in materials and manufacturing. This warranty is subject to the following limitations;

  1. Original Purchaser – This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.
  2. Components Covered – Cradle, playfield, legs, decorative hardware, weights and electronic scoring. Items specifically excluded from this warranty are carpeting and speed wax.
  3. Assembly – All damaged or defective parts must be identified prior to proceeding with the assembly process. Do not assemble the table if damaged or defective parts are identified. 
  4. Moving – Moving the table can cause injury and damage the table. Parts damaged due to moving the table are not covered by the warranty.
  5. Wear and Tear – Conditions deemed by us to have occurred during use, expected due to age or caused by acts of nature, are not covered by this warranty
  6. Leveling – Once a shuffelboard table cradle and playfield are leveled they may settle over time and become unlevel. A table or playfield that must be releveled is not defective. Leveling is considered part of the maintenance of the shuffleboard table and is not covered under warranty
  7. Processing a Claim – In the event a defect in materials or manufacturing is suspected, stop the assembly process and immediately notify the retailer where purchased or GMInc. through the support website. Clear and detailed images along with a description of the damage or defect will be required to initiate the warranty claim. A determination will be made if damaged or defective parts need to be returned for further inspection to validate the claim.
  8. Associated Costs – The warranty does not cover any associated costs including but not limited to loss of use, shipping costs or labor.
10.00 (in)
30.00 (in)
140.00 (in)

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